What is Playback?

What is Playback?

Playback is a free app that allows communities to stream live sports together. We like to think of it as your digital sports bar or living room.

How does it work?

Each community on Playback has their own room to watch together and chat. Rooms can stream live TV together, including live sports broadcasts, in perfect sync. People can talk in the room using chat, mics and cameras. Moderators can invite people to speak and can manage room membership.

Why is Playback in beta?

Playback will not be available to the public until we launch our TV provider authentication system. This system will require each viewer to verify that they have an active subscription to a TV provider that carries the network that is streaming in their room.

How do I get a beta invite?

You can sign up for our waitlist at https://www.getplayback.com/. If you are a content creator, sign up for our creator partner program for an opportunity to get an early invite.

Is there a Playback mobile app?

We currently have an iOS beta app which you can download here.

Android is coming soon!

Does Playback have a partner program to support content creators?

Yes, we parter with content creators to help them run successful watch parties with their communities on Playback. If selected for our partner program, we will set up your room with TV streaming, help you onboard your community members and provide regular hands on support. You will also get access to special community programs and the opportunity to connect with our other creator partners.

Got questions or feedback for us? Hop in our Discord: discord.gg/playback